Someone said social media was the best thing that happened to the black community. Sometimes I wonder. I have seen and experienced a lot of hatred and vitriol but there is one thing that is nauseating and it is when black men are always talking about the BBC (Big Black Cock).

[insert rolling eyes]

C’mon ladies. As much as many a black man would love for everyone to believe the legendary Mandingo with all its mesmerizing lengthy cock power, it is unrealistic to believe that just because a man is black, that means he is well endowed. Truthfully, I am amazed how many people are curious to experiment to determine if this really is true. But beyond that, what I find equally disturbing is the lust-filled mentality by the “Special Collective.” The overwhelming obsession with sex is frightening and instead of having selective vision, we need to be on guard. Here are a few quotes I found on a fellow YouTuber’s channel. Keep in mind, her video had nothing to do with sex; however, these men found an opportunity to interject their shameless thoughts:

“Bring me that p*ssy.”

“She layin’ down in the vid and probably getting ate out by that [the race of man].”

“I love your fire and passion. I wish to shoot my seed in you and give you a bastard kid. I would love to f*ck that angry p*ssy.”

This was in response to a woman in the comment section:

“How do you like that small Asian male baby d!ck for un-thick flat a$$ Asian woman.”

“Go have ure Asian c?ck lol I’m too good for black women!!!”

This was in response to a white man in the comment section:

“Another d!ck riding f*ck boy cracka on my black d!ck. Guess your father molested your white a$$ too.”

Some may say that they were probably just having fun and others will take this seriously. Anyone who feels free to write such things on the internet that can never be erased are to be avoided by any means necessary. Many times, we do not take the YouTube world seriously because it is after all YouTube. What many often overlook is these are real people who use the anonymity of avatars to project their real sentiments. You could be living next to one of these people. This could be a fellow co-worker or a significant other.

The reality for us black women is this is the day and age we live in. Black men who are sex hungry and all they think about is sex. Their pages are filled with scantily clad women, talking about sexual positions, and their belief about black women is that they only thing they are good for is being a bed wench and a ghetto gagger. I am not talking about the “healthy” appetite most men exhibit for desiring sex. No. I mean the desire for sex that could ultimately lead to physical abuse, rape, or even death.








  1. Some things that you say in this article are true, however some are not. I appreciate your perspective. I’m afraid that perhaps, you are taking the voice of public personas as the voice of every black man. It’s really unfortunate that you hold back men is such low esteem. If that is not the case and I’m wrong then your article does not do justice to your opinion and should be revised to more adequately reflect you actual thoughts thoughts. The last paragraph is offensive at minimum. Especially to the black men who do not represent the characterization you have supplied.


    • I am not speaking in generalities. In fact, I made it apparent in this blog when I mentioned the “Special Collective” of whom I am referring to who also do not exhibit the healthy appetite most men have towards sex.

      The article is more about my observations of what I have seen and still see on YouTube versus my personal opinion and no, I will not revise it as I knew what my intent to write the article was for in the beginning. And if you find warning black women to be on guard against this “Special Collective” who has a disdain towards black women, then perhaps you hold black women in such low esteem and do not deem them to be worthy of a warning.


  2. Hey, you are insulted. If that is the case perhaps what I have written did not communicate my position clearly. This was not an attack on you as an individual or as a creative. My point in.commenting at all was to share my perception of what you shared. I thought that was the point of posting. Do I have to agree with what you have written to earn your respect? Also you mention special collective once in the entire article while everything else is “black men this and that”. If your intent here is not the free exchange of opinion and an open dialogue please let me know and I will cease visiting and commenting on the articles. Respect and love to you.


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