Feminization of the Black Man. Masculinization of the Black Woman. Part 1

We are aware at one time the traditional family was made up of a two-parent household. Among the baby boomer generation there was an egalitarian ideal of responsibility that was highly influenced by gender. It was masculine for a man to be the bread winner and the wife stay home and nurture the children while being a home economist.

The black male figure was prominent and strong, extremely sensitive to the overt and covert racism (Jim Crow, segregated schools and communities, racially hostile attitudes) and from that there was a cohesiveness.

Let’s transition into Generation X where the family dynamic appears to deteriorate, the political climate was about making love and not war also ear marked by the increased use of drugs, and social ideals were evolving from traditional to transitional. The presence of the black male seemed to diminish. This was also a time where “black love came alive,” however, what some may fail to acknowledge is behind all the “let’s stay together to fight against the man” and the black woman being down for the black man’s cause, if we look closely, we will see hints of truth, ugly truth seeping through the crevices of reality. Like the infidelity, the beatings, the lies, sexual immorality, and a justification of sleeping with the enemy to further advance the black cause. Even in the midst of this, the black man’s presence was seemingly less but still present. More so because of the Baby Boomers.

Notwithstanding, that free love mentality and broken household produced many of children born out of wedlock. These young girls having to be moved from regular schools to schools just for pregnant and unwed mothers.


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