Feminization of the Black Man. Masculinization of the Black Woman. Part 2

From the end of the Baby Boomers to the beginning of Generation X, there had to be a slippery slope of ideals and an uprising if you will of a moral decline.

And then from Generation X came Generation Y or as they are well known to be the “Millennials.” By now the two-parent household was destroyed, black women are raising their sons who were either abandoned by their fathers, never met their fathers, or the relationship was cut off by reason of the father passing away.

I believe somewhere, perhaps a brief time span when Generation X ended and the Millennials began, what used to be a social disgrace became common place.

The absence of the black male figure in the home. The dominance of the black female figure in the home.

A shifting of values: instead of the family raising their children in a two-parent household, society, the school system, and the police establish what could be misconstrued as social norms, the schools providing meals and snacks, and the police provide discipline, all of which should be the responsibility of the parents and not the government.

A shifting of American ideals: from capitalism to socialism.

So where am I going with this?

We know about the moral deterioration of the black community. And we are highly aware how we as black women are blamed for the state of black America. I would like to propose to you that the feminization of the black man and the masculinization of the black woman has its roots in three things:

I think there are three things we need to take into consideration:

  1. The changing politicization of American ideals as it relates to masculinity
  2. Redefining cis gender roles affected by the political climate
  3. Personal accountability (Lack thereof)

At first, I noticed black men would always focus on three things:

Sex, a black woman’s body, and the black woman’s behavior. Then the narrative changed. It went from a hypersexualized focus on a black woman’s body parts to her behavior as they perceived it. From there, the black men mocked black women as men to role playing mocking black women as if they were black women. All the while they mocked us, they were revealing, intentionally or not, how they have socially accepted that acting feminine is something to be considered.



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