Pickaninny N!glet N!gger N!gga

You now, it is amazing how we as black people talk about the marginalization and blocked economic opportunities resulting from systemic racism and white supremacy but yet and still, when it comes to self-identification, we refer to ourselves as niggers.

N!ggers we say. N!gga this n!gga that. Right? Okay, let’s take a look at these filthy and disgusting words we use with such carelessness. Let’s start with the work pickaninny.

Pickanniny – the racist term was used probably around 1653 and it referred to a dark skinned child of African descent in a caricature form. The word is Pidgin and is a version of the Portugese term meaning little. Caricature. Caricature they say. So, in other words, the color of our skin, the shape of our eyes, noses and lips are an exaggeration of what is typically deemed as a deviation of European beauty.

I see, so if I were a white person and I saw your little black child, a pickanniny, I would be saying their facial features are distorted, disgusting, and reprehensible. Ah, I see. Pickanniny was meant to be an offense term. So what would be the contemporary equivalent of that word? How about the word n!glet? That sounds about right. But I don’t want to talk about that word, n!glet. I want to discuss the parent of that word: N!gger.

N ! G G E R- Let’s say this word and its usage was best coined during the transatlantic slave trade. Perhaps around the 1700s. Okay. This word was famously used by white plantation owners who called their slaves niggers. Keep in mind, this was not a term of endearment, rather it was a contentious and contemptuous term for dark skinned people, especially for those who were imported from Africa.

So what were the implications of this filthy word? African slaves were not regarded as citizens but property of slave owners. You know, like that of a cow, horse, dog or a wagon. These slaves were perceived as innately inferior, devoid of sound mind, judgment and incapable of behaving themselves in a manner that is, how should I say…human.

The word nigger was meant to be an offensive term. That was then but what about now? Well, the pejorative contemporary cousin nigga. Not N ! G G E R but N ! G G A.

How about that word? Let’s fast forward 300 + years and examine its usage. I guess depending upon whom you are speaking to it could be a noun or an adjective. But here is the thing. Isn’t it amazing how some black people have found some worthless, etymological justification of making this a term of endearment? You see, it is okay if this is spoken from one black person to another but an outsider, ie. White person says it, it become racist? What this word meant in its historical context does not change in its contemporary usage and this illogical argument of two black persons using it means a friendly gesture is utter stupidity.

The same word that was used by slave masters dehumanizing our ancestors is the same word the black community uses today. What does this mean? It means, now instead of white people calling us derogatory names based upon our features and the color of our skin, we are in agreement with what they said. You believe they are right. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Oh, I hear it coming. When I get angry I say n!gger. That’s all. I’m really talking about those who act like they don’t have sense. And then there are the intellectuals. When they get angry, they say, the word n!gger in front of white people be it in some intellectually stimulating conversation about race and the disadvantaged plight of black people or among themselves. It’s almost like a Freudian slip. So now we justify the use of the word when overwhelmed by our emotions. Do you think when white people hear us say n!gger or read the comments on YouTube threads that they understand what you mean? To them we are all black.

Here’s the thing. There are going to be people who agree and take this to heart. Then there are other who will oppose it and because my goal is to discourage the use of it, they will feel strengthened in their position. Well, I have an idea for you.

Since you are so hell bent on using the word n!gger, let’s be practical about this.

When you apply for a job and need to fill out the application, instead of giving them your first, middle, and last name, just write n!gger. When they require your SSN, just give them 000-00-0000 or just put n!gger.

Okay at your job you wear a name tag or badge. No worries, just tell them to put nigger, n!gga, n!glet or pickaninny. Oh, so you sit at a cubicle with a name plate. Strike that. Put nigger on the name plate and your new email will be n!gger@xyzcompany.com

Since you are so stuck on renaming yourself, when you go to renew your Driver’s License, tell them you will no longer be using your government name. Instead you will now be named N!gger. Not the HNIG (head n!gger in charge) just n!gger. We don’t need to get fancy about this. Oh, you have to also renew our registration. That’s an easy fix. Instead of using the pre-existing license plates just tell them to use the word N!GLET because it fits better on the license plate.

And you know what. Last but not least. Since rap artists love throwing the word around so much, let’s not use pseudonyms. Away with that foolishness, from this day forward all rappers will be called n!ggers. That way, if they are not sure who they are referring to, they will have to find out how else to identify themselves.

I am quite sure someone out there will think what a great way to monetize as other comedians in the past have, but the point of my blatant sarcasm is to show when the black community uses the word nigger, we are in agreement with white people who believe we are disgusting scum of the earth.


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